Don’t put your home’s value at risk

Many home sales have been lost due to a failed property inspection; with noncompliant plumbing being a major culprit. A hidden leak or condensation problem behind your walls can cause mould and rot in unseen locations like crawlspaces, behind cabinets, and under floors.

Poorly installed plumbing and plumbing that’s not to code often results in leaks and floods. Ask Sam and he’ll advise if what you want doesn’t meet today’s building code standards and he will provide you with options for how it can be done right.

And remember doing the job right does not necessarily mean it costs more.

Do you have a plumbing problem?

For the most part, plumbing structures (ie. piping, etc.) have a life span of about 40-45 years. Many major plumbing repairs are a result of improper plumbing design, installation or renovations, either by the original builder or a former home owner. Unfortunately, some problems are the result of shoddy workmanship or haphazard repairs.

Regular wear and tear items include; faucets, toilets, rubber gaskets and cartridges; with some brands wearing more quickly than others.

Howes Your Plumbing doesn’t take shortcuts! We do it right the first time, and according to current plumbing codes.

Yes, you can buy peace-of-mind.

When we finish a job, you can rest easy, knowing that your work has been done right. Howes Your Plumbing stands behind everything it does. If there’s a problem after we’ve left, let us know immediately and we’ll be back on site the same day.

Unsure which product to buy? What about warranties and replacement parts?

At Howes Your Plumbing we have experience in many areas of the plumbing business, including commercial, residential and retail. Some manufacturers are better than others. Some offer free replacement parts, others claim lifetime warranties, until the product is ‘discontinued’.

Don’t be fooled by slick promotions and ‘limited-time’ offers. Ask yourself, would you prefer to get product information from a box store salesman or someone who has had years of experience installing, repairing and replacing those products?

Save yourself some time, money and grief:



Don’t put your home’s value at risk. Save yourself some time, money and grief: ASK SAM!

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